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The Most Commonly Abused Drugs

Posted: January 10, 2015 by in Today Rehab Recovery Place

commonly abused drugs

There are various kinds of drugs out in the market nowadays, each type generating a different kind of effect. Some are used for research purposes, with the intention of enhancing the health of mankind. Others are purposely taken to indulge in a euphoric state and alter the normal mind and body condition.

I have listed here the most commonly abused substances and their effects on every individual who exploits the power of drugs.


First on the list is the ever popular marijuana, or cannabis. It has gained in popularity all over the globe ever since it was legalized in some countries. Even where it’s still illegal, there are still places and minorities who want to make cannabis legal for medicinal and research purposes. Whether lawful or unlawful, cannabis still generates reactions in the human physique. Since marijuana is usually ingested in “smoke” form, it can harm the lungs the same way a cigarette can. It increases your risk of lung diseases such as Tuberculosis, Pneumonia and Lung Cancer. Statistics from addiction rehab centers Nashville show that weeds are on the top of list of the most commonly abused drugs.


Cocaine is a stimulant extracted from the “coca” leaves, a plant naturally grown in the Southern America. In early days, coca leaves were chewed, and then extractions were made for anesthetic purposes, until it became commonly abused and recognized as a powerfully addictive stimulant. Cocaine directly affects the brain and every blood vessel in the body. As a result, this can impair your short-term memory and your ability to focus. Aside from the damage to the central nervous system, it can also create problems on the cardiovascular system.


Heroin is an opiate drug extracted from poppy plants. Heroin induces a feeling of relaxation making it extremely addictive for the user.  This drug was originally produced and marketed for the treatment of other type of addiction such as Morphine dependence. However, if taken in high volumes, it may cause respiratory ailments, weak pulse, and breathing complications. Patients in addiction rehab centers Nashville confessed that they took heroin to fight their depression.


Ecstasy is popular among teens. They often times call this a “party drug” because it is rampantly distributed and shared on social gatherings like raves. The feeling of being “high” is what makes this drug addictive among teens. Ecstasy boosts the users’ body condition with a high level of energy, making them more alert with extended stamina, which allows them to party for a longer period of time. Its effects are mostly manifested on muscle condition, such as stiffness and pain, as well as poor muscle control and unsteadiness.

The use of any illegal substance carries some risk. It can give you “temporary” satisfaction but it will surely take its toll in the end and your whole system will manifest the damages. Addiction rehab centers Nashville can provide the necessary measures to pull you free from further damage.

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