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Great Results!
All the staff members and therapists at Today Rehab Recovery Place really cared about my rehabilitation, and wanted me to get clean and sober. I couldn’t have got healthy without them!
Very Effective!
I had never thought that treatment would work for me, but Today Rehab Recovery Place helped me understand my issues. My whole lifestyle is a lot better because of them!
Awesome Treatment Program!
I had totally hit rock bottom before I agreed to enter a rehabilitation program. Today Rehab Recovery Place helped me learn how to cope without drugs or alcohol, and helped me recognize my issues with addiction. They supported me a lot, and if you think you may have an issue, they can help you, too.
They Were Awesome!
I was extremely reluctant about Today Rehab Recovery Place at first, but I really think that they saved me. I had lost my children, my house, and my job because I just wouldn't quit using drugs and alcohol, and everything was spinning out of control. Only after I finally agreed to get help, did things start to improve. Because of their custom-designed treatment plans and nice employees, I was ready to get back all of the things I’d lost to substance abuse. I’m very grateful for all they have helped me through!
Absolutely the Best!
Getting sober was the toughest thing I’ve ever tried, but I think I did it thanks to Today Rehab Recovery Place. I was hospitalized a few times, and even went to prison, but it seemed that none of the consequences were bad enough to make me quit using drugs and alcohol. When I entered rehab, I was not only in trouble with the police, but my life was in serious danger. Since their rehabilitation programs were so effective, I could understand why I used, and how to quit. I really owe them my life.
Today Rehab Recovery Place is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.