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alcohol and drug addiction

Our everyday lives are filled with activities, such as cookouts, pool parties, and road trips with family or friends, and the last thing you may be keeping an eye out for are the stages of a drug or alcohol addiction. It is important that you become aware of the different stages of addiction so you […]

10 Most Common Signs of Drug Addiction

If you suspect your loved one is abusing alcohol and drugs, you may be worried, afraid, anxious or alone. Finding that your loved ones’ addicted to alcohol and drugs can be an overwhelming experience. It is natural to feel disappointed and angry one moment and then feel worried and terrified the next. These are the […]

Facts About Alcohol

Fermented drinks such as beer and wine usually contain from 2% alcohol to 20% alcohol. Distilled dinks, or liquor contain from 40% to 50% or more alcohol.  We drink and use drugs because of social gatherings, depression, self-fulfillment and feelings of guilt, shyness or low self-esteem. Did you know that the average age of first […]

commonly abused drugs

There are various kinds of drugs out in the market nowadays, each type generating a different kind of effect. Some are used for research purposes, with the intention of enhancing the health of mankind. Others are purposely taken to indulge in a euphoric state and alter the normal mind and body condition. I have listed […]